Monday, January 9, 2012

it begins...

for years now i've wanted to start a blog, never with any specific subject matter in mind. i've attempted and failed twice before, never making it beyond the initial post. i guess i just wasn't that interested in what i was writing about...or perhaps i'm just not that good at it. i suppose we'll soon find out.

rewinding the clock a couple years, i was lucky enough at my bridal shower to receive my long-coveted kitchenaid mixer (i have amazing aunts!) which has revolutionised my kitchen. fore example: a few weeks ago, i was making a swiss meringue buttercream and left my apartment in the middle of mixing to feed a neighbor's cat...when i came back i found a beautiful, fluffy frosting ready to be spread onto chocolate chip cookies and devoured! it truly is a brilliant piece of machinery. along with receiving this god-like mixer, another amazing aunt gifted me with kitchenaid's ice cream maker attachment. with this, i've been able to create some pretty tasty (if i do say so myself) treats over the past couple years...a festive sweet potato and marshmallow ice cream for thanksgiving, a refreshing cherry lambic sorbet over the summer, a personal favorite salted caramel ice cream for christmas...

so here the next phase of my frozen deliciousness begins. after being inspired by a co-worker of my husband (whom i've never met but already admire) i've charged myself with mixing up a new flavor of ice cream/sorbet/gelato each week for the entirety of the current year and documenting my adventures on the world wide web. it might be painfully boring to read, but i'm hoping it will at least be pleasing to the taste buds. my hips can't tolerate weekly doses of heavy cream so i'll be calling upon you all to help me taste-test.

wish me luck! i'm already a week behind so this week will be double the fun. stay tuned...


  1. According to Feedly, I'm the first person to subscribe to your RSS feed. That's gotta count for something.

  2. you win the "most leet follower" award! this entitles you to one free pint of ubuntu chocolate ice cream. (it's a thing. i just googled it.) congratulations.

  3. I am so excited! I totally volunteer to be a taster!

  4. Honesty- it's how i roll: i will definately, 100%, without a doubt hit this blog up once in a while. i'm just not a good rememberer er of things. however, you could help me 'member this by hooking me up with a "week" or two of some delicious body thickening material(that should be a flavor name by the way). ooooh i can't wait for that one!